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“Diaspora” is the first Romanian magazine in the UK. Our team is aiming to keep all Romanian communities across Great Britain well informed.


We are constantly exposed to an unprecedented inflation of information. In a world bombarded with fake news and propaganda, our publication strives to be a source of politically-independent, accurate, impartial, discerning information.







The number of Romanians living, working and studying in the UK today is estimated to be over 1,000,000 – one of the fastest growing migrant community in the British Isles.

Romanians come to the UK to open their own businesses, to fill occupational shortages, to acquire high-quality education, to put their skills to profit, to express their professional talents or simply to build a better future for themselves and their families.






News, Jobs, Classified ads, Editorials, Community events, Useful contacts, Science, Technology, Health, Culture, Advertising


We gather and then share relevant information meant to help our Romanian community understand and integrate into British society. At the heart of our work is the ambition to build better connections and keep the Romanians communities living in the UK united and consistent.